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Our specialists in general dentistry know that a composite tooth filling is one way to repair a tooth damaged by decay. It solves the problem with a cost effective solution in just one visit. Sometimes the dentist starts with a temporary tooth filling, a procedure used in emergency situations.

After a while, you will go back to replace the emergency tooth filling with a permanent one. This solution is also recommended before we cap the tooth with a cosmetic ceramic crown covering the filling. In this way, you will continue to have a white and bright smile and no one will guess that you have dental work done to repair tooth decay.

After performing cavity filling, the dentist applies a cosmetic cap to restore your tooth look.

We will fix all cavities and restore the natural look of your tooth

What Are Tooth Fillings with Composite?

A dentist filling a cavity will use a procedure involving placing composite material into the cavity and sealing it. This is a general dentistry procedure that replaces old tooth filling repair with mercury as part of the amalgam. 

Composite cavity filling is dental cement made from various resins and other substances that have the role of strengthening the tooth. Resin is a safe, natural material, which bonds very well with the tooth.

What You Can Expect during the Tooth Filling Process

Temporary emergency tooth filling is followed by a permanent filling after a few days of recovery

Nothing is impossible for our dentists when it comes to fillings

Dental filling for a typical tooth in your mouth starts by removing the decay completely. The first step is to numb the tooth with a local anesthesia, so that you are comfortable and pain free. The second step is to perform a cavity preparation in your tooth that allows us to access the decay.

Once the decay is removed and the cavity preparation is completed, the new permanent tooth filling is applied. After the bite is checked to fit your comfort and the restoration is polished, the procedure is then complete.

Having a healthy set of teeth is something that requires semi-constant monitoring and tooth filling repair. This is why we’re here to help make it as easy as possible for you. Although, the process of decay never ends and that is why we recommend regular dental cleaning visits twice a year with check-up x-rays to monitor your dental health.

The Most Important Benefits of Tooth Fillings

A very frequent occurrence for people who have not had regular checkups is the cavity formation. This is especially common in young adults that had no dental issues growing up that tend to forfeit regular checkups since there is no pain in their teeth. This can lead to a lot of cavities that people are unaware of, and if there is no nerve pain, these are usually treated with a dental filling

The tooth filling procedure has many benefits:

Reduced Sensitivity in the Affected Tooth

Sensitivity to sweet, hot and cold foods and drinks is one of the symptoms of a cavity. After tooth filling, you will be able to enjoy your favorite dishes and sweets without any discomfort and pain.

Maintaining the Natural Look of Your Teeth

An experienced dentist will cover the filling with a cosmetic cap which looks just like your tooth. Nobody will be able to guess that you have a cavity filling.

It Is a Fast Procedure

A tooth filling procedure is done in just one appointment. Only in very special cases you will need an emergency temporary filling followed by a permanent one.

We Offer Professionalism and a Fair Tooth Filling Cost

At King of Prussia Dental Associates™, we treat you like family. This means that we take care to help you relax and feel no pain. Also, we offer a fair price for the filling and other procedures.

We are located in King of Prussia, PA, but we also help you with dental filling in:

  • Wayne, PA;
  • Collegeville, PA;
  • Norristown, PA;
  • Bridgeport, PA;
  • Phoenixville, PA;
  • Conshohocken, PA.

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As found on Google Reviews Kind caring people and do a good job. They will show you the cavities on x-rays and explain to you to why they need to drill to alleviate any skepticism.
Corey A.
King of Prussia, December 11, 2011

Corey A.

As found on Yelp
I have been a patient for over 20 years at King of Prussia Dental and had to briefly leave their practice after a change in our dental insurance. After my husband and I had horrible experiences elsewhere locally, I quickly found a way to fix the insurance situation in order to return to KoP Dental. After my appointment read more
Michelle P.
King of Prussia, May 7, 2013

Michelle P.

As found on Yelp
I needed a dentist in a rush today and found KOP dental on Google. The receptionist on the phone actually made me excited to come in! I needed X-rays, a cleaning, and an exam. Each member of their team was absolutely wonderful. I have never had such an easy, pleasant experience at a dental office before. read more
Samanthat K.
King of Prussia, August 25, 2014

Samanthat K.

As found on Google Reviews
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone at King of Prussia Dental Associates! Dr. Rapine and his staff were fantastic. For someone like myself who has always been hesitant about dentistry work and the pain involved, it was critical for me to make sure that the staff understood my concern. Dr. Rapine took the time read more
Bruce N.
December 11, 2014

Bruce N.

As found on Google Reviews
Let me start off by saying it was a blessing finding this dental practice. Being an Africa American male you get nervous when you go places in this time that are predominately white. When I walked into the practice everyone was all smiles. Which was heartwarming and read more
Kyle Waters
King of Prussia, February 28th, 2019

Kyle Waters

As found on Google Reviews
Invisalign treatment with Dr. Kashyap & Rita was wonderful. They’re both so kind and personable and most importantly they do such a great job making sure you get the exact smile you were hoping for. It was a true pleasure working with them - i’m almost bummed that my treatment read more
Katie Quinn
King of Prussia, March 4, 2019

Katie Quinn

As found on Google Reviews
I visited the offce on 3/4/2019 for a bonding procedure by Dr. Eileen It was amazing! The procedure was painless and very peaceful, I almost fell asleep in the chair. Office staff is very pleasant and the atmosphere is great. Thanks Dr. Eileen for my new smile! 🙂
Janae Carlisle
King of Prussia, March 4, 2019

Janae Carlisle

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