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It’s best to stay on top of your routine check-ups with KoP Dental™ emergency dentists. Our dental check-up practice depends on our local emergency dentists to carry out the dental cleaning and other procedures of general dentistry for an affordable dental check-up cost.

We also offer cleaning tips for your oral health in between your monthly, semi-annual, and annual check-ups. When you come to King of Prussia Dental™ Associates for your regular dental check-up, we will perform a thorough general dentistry exam. This much we guarantee: your oral health will be in good hands!

If you’re looking for an “emergency dentist open now near me,” you’ve come to the right place.

Fully equipped clinics for a routine dental check-up

If you’re looking for a “dental check-up near me,” you’ve come to the right place.

What Is A Dental Check-Up & What Should You Expect?

Our hygienist and dentist will perform several procedures during this routine dental check-up to make sure that your teeth are in their best shape. Here’s what we do:

  • X-rays: This allows us to detect decay or bone loss during routine dental check-ups. This can also help us determine the positions of your teeth during a regular dental check-up.
  • Cancer screening: Our hygienist will inspect your tongue, face, lips, tissues, and gums for signs of cancer during a routine dental check-up.
  • Looking for gum disease: Routine dental check-up also includes an evaluation and probing of the gums.
  • Tooth decay: Our dentist and hygienist will inspect the surface of each tooth.

Following the routine dental check-up, our registered dental hygienist will perform a general dental cleaning (if needed). This will involve tartar and plaque (for old damage) removal to prevent bacteria from growing, all for affordable dental check-up prices. We will also polish your teeth to remove additional plaque.

Hopefully, this answers, “What is a dental check-up?”

Here’s Why You Need Regular Dental Check-Up

Regular dental check-ups can help you maintain good oral health and avoid higher costs down the line. Routine visits to the dentist can help you detect dental issues, such as cavities and gum disease, early on. With annual dental check-ups, you can avoid letting your dental problems escalate into more serious issues.

Our dentists perform thorough examinations and dental cleanings. We also offer advice on oral hygiene. By investing in a small regular dental check-up price, you can preserve your confident smile. And, of course, you can avoid all sorts of dental complications by nipping problems in the bud.

You may be asking, what is the average cost of a dental check-up?

Well, let's move on to that now!

A patient undergoing a regular dental check-up

How Much For A Dental Check-Up?

If you’re wondering how much a dental check-up is, rest assured the dental check-up cost is not only affordable but will also help you avoid bigger expenses down the line. The average cost of routine tooth cleaning procedures depends on what’s included.

Usually, it includes a comprehensive exam, X-rays, and a thorough dental cleaning.

On average, you’ll have to pay around $300 as the price of a dental check-up if you don’t have insurance coverage. But to better understand the pricing structure, let’s break down the cost of dental check-ups:

  • The average dental checkup cost is around $175 
  • Dental X-rays can cost between $20 and $200 (but can be more than that too)
  • A standard teeth cleaning session can cost you between $70 and $200 

Is the Dental Check-Up Cost Worth It?

The good news is that most general and dental insurance plans will cover the average cost of a 6-month dental check-up. Another thing to keep in mind is that the dental check-up procedure is worthwhile if it saves you from the price of expensive procedures later.

There are no long costs for a dental check-up procedure, so, as often as you need to, get a dentist to check out your teeth to avoid more expensive check-ups later on.

Get Your Teeth Checked at KoP Dental™ to Maintain Your Smile!

Get Your Teeth Checked at King of Prussia Dental™ to Maintain Your Smile!

Now that you know how important a general dental check-up is for the health of your smile, come to KoP Dental™ Associates if it has been more than six months since you last had a general dental check-up. We are located in King of Prussia, PA, and also serve:

  • Conshohocken, PA 
  • Norristown, PA 
  • Wayne, PA 
  • Bridgeport, PA 
  • Collegeville, PA 
  • Phoenixville, PA 

No more searching for a “dental check-up near me,” schedule your appointment online or call us at (610) 265-4142, and we’ll make it all happen!

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