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At KoP Dental™ Associates, we return the strength, function, and aesthetics to your smile. Let our dentists take a look at your teeth – get an appointment now and smile confidently once more!

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They return the strength, function, and aesthetics back to your smile.

The KoP Dental™ Associates office began in 1963 when Dr. Edwin Feldman started a family dentist practice right across from Candlebrook Elementary School. He realized the area was growing rapidly, so he moved the family dentistry practice to a medical building in 1974. The dentist practice grew quickly, and Dr. Brad Jacobson, a renowned local family dental specialist, joined in 1981, and Dr. Robert Rapine and Dr. James Pickel joined after Dr. Feldman retired. Today, King of Prussia Dental Associates continues to offer general dentistry services and “service with a smile.”

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Choose Our Best Dentist To Address Your Tooth Issues

At King of Prussia Dental™ Associates, we focus on being the best family dentistry practice in the area. Our super dentists are the best because we know that quality is everything. We offer many dental services for all types of patients. Our gentle dentists offer preventative care, pediatric services, emergency care, cosmetic procedures to support your smile, general dentistry, open tooth repair, tooth replacement (with a denture), and so on.

We’ve got the best dentists who use the latest techniques and technology to provide care that is both effective and extremely comfortable. However, our number one priority is to provide all patients with the compassion, kindness, and respect that they deserve. We love to help other people by providing gentle dentist services and by giving back. It is an honor for us to care for the dental needs of each member of your family.

We have a deep appreciation for the trust that you have placed in our gentle dentists.

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A Local Dentist King Of Prussia You Can Count On!

Whether you have a special occasion happening soon or you just want to have a brighter smile, whitening may be for you. We can give you a filling or even a new smile. Our King of Prussia dentist wants you to be able to share your smile!

Wondering how our local dentistry for the entire family can help you bring back your confident smile? Well, our dentist King of Prussia PA team is here to help you with timely care so you can avoid higher costs later on.

Where Can I Find a Dentist Near Me?

We are located in King of Prussia, and we also serve Collegeville, Norristown, Wayne, Phoenixville, Bridgeport, and Conshohocken, PA. Whether you have a special occasion happening soon or you just want to have a brighter smile, whitening may be for you. We can give you a filling or even a new smile. Our local dentist wants you to be able to share your smile! Contact us today for more information.

Professional Dental Care Serving

Professional Dental Care Serving

Sparkling Smiles

Our dentists are dedicated to providing the high quality and most comprehensive care in all of dental treatment. They can leave you with a brighter, straighter smile!

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