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When a bridge is not the right solution for you, our practice can offer you dentures that look just like your natural teeth. Book an appointment with KoP Dental™ Associates and see the difference!

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A set of permanent dentures from KoP Dental™ includes a fixed artificial tooth root with your teeth on top. Your implants can support your fixed dentures. This general dentistry procedure will give you the full functionality of your smile. It will give you greater control when you are speaking or eating.

You will not need to go without teeth during treatment for permanent partial dentures. The treatment will be carefully timed to give you your best smile!

A dentist preparing permanent partial dentures

What are permanent dentures?

When you lose part of your natural dentition, permanent dentures restore function, aesthetics, and confidence in an affordable and timely manner. Immediate dentures can restore form and function on the same day your teeth are removed.

The right care after surgery will minimize discomfort during recovery. You should avoid placing too much pressure on your new permanent dentures. Eating softer foods for the first several weeks is a good idea.

If you were googling “what are permanent dentures” or a qualified dentist near you, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s why you may want permanent dentures

Here are some reasons patients consider getting permanent upper dentures:

  • Dentures can replace missing teeth, whether it's due to decay, injury, etc.
  • They restore the ability to chew properly.
  • Semi-permanent dentures can help improve speech affected by missing teeth.
  • They provide support to facial muscles, preventing a collapsed appearance in the mouth.
  • Dentures can enhance confidence by restoring a natural smile and appearance.

What are the benefits of full permanent dentures?

Patients often prefer full permanent dentures for several reasons:

  • Affordable: the cost for affordable permanent dentures is reasonable, and the comfort offered is superb.
  • No more bone loss: permanent partial dentures can prevent bone loss in the mouth.
  • Durable: permanent dentures last for many years.
  • Comfortable: full permanent dentures Do not slip while talking and eating.
  • Can be kept inside for cleaning: they look and function like natural teeth and stay between the tooth lines.

Here’s What To Expect When Getting Permanent Dentures

When you reach out to a qualified dentist for permanent dentures, here’s what you can generally expect during the whole process:

  1. You’ll start with a dental consultation to assess your oral health and discuss denture options.
  2. Your dentist will take impressions of your mouth to create custom-fit permanent dentures.
  3. You will visit the oral surgeon to have dental implants placed.
  4. Next, your permanent dentures will be fitted and adjusted for comfort and functionality.
  5. You’ll need some time to adapt to speaking and eating with dentures.
  6. Regular visits are necessary for adjustments and to ensure proper fit and comfort.

Overview Of The Permanent Dentures Procedure

Fixed dentures (both permanent and semi-permanent ones) are a great alternative to removable dentures if you have missing teeth. This type of denture is held in place using at least four dental implants.

This makes the fixed dentures stable, allowing you to chew, smile, and talk easily, especially compared to removable dentures. Your bone will heal around the implant to allow the denture to stay fixed in place.

Dental clinic set up for setting up permanent denture implants

You Have Several Smile Replacement Solutions!

Permanent Partial Dentures Dentures
Fixed or anchored to implants or gums Removable and not anchored
Usually more expensive Generally more affordable
Longer-lasting, potential lifetime Temporary solution, replacement necessary
Requires surgery for implantation No surgery is required for placement
Superior stability and functionality Less stable might affect eating and speech
Regular maintenance and cleaning Similar maintenance but less durable

In the end, the choice is yours. If you’re looking for permanent dentures, you can count on KoP Dental™ Associates – get an appointment now!

How Much Do Permanent Dentures Cost?

The permanent dentures cost varies from case to case. Everyone has different conditions, so you would likely need four to six implants. Different factors will impact the price of permanent dentures in your case, such as the number of implants needed, materials used, surgical complexity, preparatory procedures, and aftercare requirements. The best way to determine cost is with a consult.


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We, at KoP Dental™ Associates, will coordinate with your oral surgeon or periodontist. The procedure is lengthy, so you can opt for sedation with the oral surgeon while we handle the procedure.

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