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When you go to a general dentistry practice, one of the first things the dentist will recommend is a digital X-ray for dental. This modern method is faster and safer than traditional dental X-rays. It does not involve any caustic chemicals, and the overall radiation level is dramatically lower. If you are searching for a BBB-accredited dentist in King of Prussia, PA, you came to the right place.

Our clinician will simply put a very small sensor into your mouth for digital X-ray services. The sensor will take a detailed image not only of the tooth you are worried about but also of the gum and jaw structure. This innovative digital teeth X-ray will give the dentist the most detailed, high-resolution image of the inside of your mouth.

A dental X-ray like the ones that we do at King of Prussia Dental Associates.

What Is Dental Digital X-Ray And How Can It Help?

Dental radiography or digital X-ray captures detailed images of the teeth and surrounding structures within the mouth. This dental imaging service is superior to traditional film-based X-rays in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and patient safety.

The dentist uses a specialized electronic sensor to capture the digital X-ray dental image. Digital X-rays involve a lower amount of radiation exposure compared to conventional film X-rays. Dentists' digital X-ray preference is thus natural as it is safer and more effective.

Dentists use this imaging technique for all kinds of different services:

  • Full mouth X-ray imaging
  • Bitewing X-ray imaging
  • Periapical dental X ray imaging
  • And so on...

What Are the Advantages of Dental Digital X-Ray?

Whether the patient needs a digital dental X-ray for a child or a safe radiography for pregnant women, you can count on our certified dental digital radiography practice near you. Why? Well, among the most important benefits of this type of digital X-ray dental imaging, we note:

  • 90% less radiation exposure for patients;
  • Immediate image viewing – very important in case of dental emergencies;
  • Dental offices no longer need to store toxic and caustic chemicals to process X-rays;
  • The dentist can easily show the digital dental X-ray image to the patient, improving communication.

Modern types of dental X-rays in dentistry also improve communication with insurance companies. The X-ray can be transmitted in a few clicks on the computer; this shortens the waiting period for payments and referrals.

What Can Dental Digital Radiography Reveal?

Pediatric digital dental X-ray can help the dentist determine whether the baby teeth or the permanent teeth are developing correctly and in the right position. Also, being more detailed than traditional radiography, this type of PA dental X-ray may reveal hidden problems, such as:

  • Bone loss;
  • Decay between the teeth;
  • Issues in the tooth root, below the gum line;
  • Cysts and abscesses.

How Much Does Digital X-Ray Imaging Cost?

The digital X-ray cost in dentistry can vary based on the types of X-ray images needed, the level of complexity, and so on – the location of the practice also affects the price. The average dental X-ray cost is between $38 and $155.

Dental insurance often covers some of these costs, especially for necessary and preventive X-rays. You can always reach out to us for a specific quote and let your insurance provider cover a portion of the dental X-ray price so that you don’t have to bear the burden yourself.

Choose A Qualified Dentist For Digital X-Ray Imaging That You Can Count On!

King of Prussia Dental™ Associates has over 40 years of experience in our community. Our team of dentists performs quality dentistry work, including digital X-ray services; we treat our patients as family. When you walk into one of our clinics, you can leave all your worries and fears behind you; we'll ensure you're comfortable and all your needs are taken care of.

Our practice is based in King of Prussia, PA, but we also offer digital dental X-ray imaging for the communities of:

  • Collegeville
  • Norristown
  • Wayne
  • Phoenixville
  • Bridgeport
  • Conshohocken

If you want to experience safe, fast, and comfortable dental X-ray services, call us now at 610-265-4142!

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