Our Dentist Near Radnor Will Help You Smile with Confidence

If you live in Radnor, PA, you’re about 15 minutes (or 5.4 miles, but who’s counting?) away from the best general dentistry services. Our family dentist close to Radnor, PA, will help you smile every day, with the confidence that your teeth are as healthy as they are white and sparkling. We know that dental care goes beyond a bright smile and provide you with complete general dentistry service in our dental center.

We have specialists for every family member. Our pediatric dentist will teach your children the importance of brushing their teeth. A cosmetic dentist will repair cracks and chips in your teeth. And whenever you have a toothache, we will investigate it and find the right treatment you need.

Discover the Best Route to Arrive at Our Dental Center Near Radnor

Here are simple and easy directions to arrive at your appointment with a cosmetic dentist near Radnor from KoP Dental™:

  1. Continue to Matsonford Rd (0.2 miles)
  2. Take S Gulph Rd and I-76 W to Allendale Rd in King of Prussia (6.5 miles).


Trust Our Specialists with any Dental Service Your Family Needs!

King of Prussia Dental™ Associates has 40 years of experience giving healthy smiles to hundreds of happy patients. We are professionals and treat you like family. You will always feel relaxed and at ease when you come for an appointment at our dental center.

Call us to book an appointment with a dentist near Radnor today: 610-265-4142!

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