How to Handle Your Fear of the Dentist

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According to recent studies, it is believed that about 75% of people in the US have some form of anxiety when going to the dentist.

The levels of anxiety can range from mild to severe, but that’s still, in our minds, regarded as a very high percentage. When it comes to having an actual fear or phobia of the dentist, it is believed that 5 to 10% of adults have one. That means about 5 to 10% of the adult population is too terrified to visit the dentist. We believe that number is also too high. Although we would like it to be zero, people with legit phobias of the dentist require more therapy than just a pep talk before their appointment. They require actual psychological help just as anyone would with any other type of phobia.

However, if you’re one of the 75% of Americans who experiences some form of anxiety before any type of dental procedure, here are tips to curb your fear, as well as some reasons you should have no fear sitting in the dental chair at King of Prussia Dental™ Associates!

Deep Breathing

If your anxiety is mild enough, just some deep breathing exercise can help you feel tranquil during the whole procedure. Before you see the dentist, practice being a leaky tire. Take in a huge breath, hold it, and then release it very slowly. This will help reduce your heart rate and relax your muscles. Your chest won’t feel like a basketball is being bounced around inside of it, and your muscles won’t feel like they’re made of cement. It’s a simple exercise that can yield some positive results.

Bring a Friend

If you suffer a little more than a mild cause of dental anxiety, then there’s nothing wrong with bringing a little moral support with you for your visit. Having a close relative or a close friend by your side can definitely aid you and bring some much-needed encouragement to your visit. However, it won’t help much if this person also has dental anxiety. You’ll want someone who will be cool, calm, and collected while you’re in the chair. Courage is contagious. Seeing your friend or family member in a state of ease will help put you there, too.

The Pain Threshold

It’s very easy for some dentists to become blinded to the idea of a pain threshold. Dentists handle multiple patients a day without noticing the varying levels of pain each one can take. Some folks can withstand a large amount. Others are squeamish just by the sight of a dental cleaning instrument. That’s fine. At King of Prussia, we acknowledge your pain threshold. We’re always asking questions, wondering how you’re feeling. That last thing we want to have happen is for you to sit through an entire procedure while reeling in pain. We encourage you to speak up. It helps you to feel more in control, which also lightens the level of anxiety while at the dentist. We want you to feel comfortable and in control during the procedure.

Speak Up!

This is your best bet for curbing your fear of the dentist. Talk to us! Let us know you’re a bit frightful of whatever work is about to be done. We can’t help you if we have no idea what’s going through your mind. It requires work from both parties in order to provide an excellent and favorable experience, and we’ll make sure to listen every step of the way. There’s no need to fear us! Our patients are our friends. We take considerable steps to make sure everyone is relaxed. Therefore, if you’re having anxiety about the whole situation, tell us. We’ll work with you to ensure we’re as non-invasive as possible, but still providing you with utmost level of oral care. Our office is a “no judgment” zone.

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