How to Handle a Tooth Emergency

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The problem with a tooth emergency is that it’s very vague. There are numerous accidents and incidents that can be considered a tooth emergency. Luckily, we’ll try to cover as many of them as possible. Nevertheless, all tooth emergencies share a similar step with each other; seek a dentist as soon as possible. Especially for:

Lost Tooth

  • A lost tooth can be quite startling. If a baby tooth gets knocked out prematurely, the only thing you have to worry about is shifted teeth. However, if an adult tooth is knocked out, a new one is not replacing it. You must preserve it as best as possible. Your first step is to retrieve the tooth. It’s possible to reattach it. Your second step is to wash it off and keep it moist. Don’t scrub it or you might cause more damage. Also, if there are any tissue fragments left on the root, do not remove them.Do your best to insert it right where it fell out. Don’t put it in backwards or off center. However, you also shouldn’t try to force it into place. If it doesn’t want to go back into its socket, place it in between your gum and your check. You can also put it into a small container of water with a pinch of salt.It was thought previously that milk was the best substance in order to keep it wet and preserved. However, that is not true. It was believed that the calcium in milk kept it strong as you waited to have the tooth replanted. In reality, the calcium does very little for a tooth out of its socket. It does have a balanced pH, however. Therefore, the tooth won’t erode, but so does water. H2O works just as fine if not better.Your timeline is estimated at around an hour. Teeth that have been knocked out and returned to their socket within 60 minutes have the highest percentage of being saved. Your dentist is obviously going to have to do this for you, so if you can see him or her within that given period of time, you should be good to go!

Chipped Tooth

  • A chipped tooth has very similar instructions to that of a lost tooth. However, instead of scooping up the lost tooth, be sure to collect all the pieces that are missing from your tooth that is still in its socket. The pieces that have been chipped can be reattached.Also, often times (but not every time) a chipped tooth causes bleeding. If this is the case, grab a piece of gauze, and apply it to the bleeding area for 10 minutes or until it has stopped. Make sure you rinse out your mouth with warm water and relieve the swelling with a cold ice pack. And of course, contact your dentist to set up an appointment as quick as possible!


  • There are multiple causes to a toothache. It might be from a cavity or another form of an infection in your mouth. It can also simply be a piece of food stuck in between your teeth. That’s why you should first rinse your mouth out with warm water. It might be able to dislodge anything stuck between your teeth. If that doesn’t work try using dental floss. The piece of food or whatever it may be could be the sole cause of the pain.Lastly, if you’re still feeling pain, apply an ice pack on the outside of the mouth near the source of pain. It won’t solve the problem, but will help alleviate the pain. You can even take some over the counter pain medication. Just don’t place the pill in between your gums and your teeth. It may cause burns. It’ll do more damage than good. You should also call for emergency dentist help or at least phone your dentist. Let them know about your symptoms, so they can solve the problem at once or the next time you go to visit your dentist.
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