Does it hurt to get your cavities filled?

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This is a common question and is something that is frequently searched for on the internet. It is almost a guarantee that at some point in your life you will have to get a cavity filled but don’t worry it is not something that will hurt. A better word to describe tooth filling may be discomfort.

Getting your cavities filled is an important part of routine maintenance on your teeth. Filling cavities can help to prevent things such as a root canal or rotten teeth which can lead to getting a tooth removed. 

Getting a cavity filled

Once diagnosed in your check-up, your dentist will schedule a date for you to get you cavities filled. During this waiting period, which could be a week or two, it is important to keep your teeth cleaned and flossed. Your dentist will drill out the cavity after applying an anesthetic. Once the area of the cavity has been drilled they will begin filling the cavity with Amalgam. You will often have the option to fill your tooth with a composite resin that will have a similar color as your tooth for aesthetic purposes.

After your cavity is filled you will need to avoid eating anything for about an hour. You can drink water after about 30 minutes or so as well. Anything with food coloring can potentially stain your filling if you don’t wait.

Preventing tooth decay and cavities

Keeping your teeth clean and flossing routinely can help prevent tooth decay as well as maintain healthy and clean breath and appealing teeth. It has been proven that having clean teeth can improve overall self satisfaction. We recommend cleaning your teeth after as many meals as possible, if this isn’t always practical for you be sure to at least keep the brushing to a maximum of 2 times a day.


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