What is enamel bonding?

Enamel bonding is a composite material that is added to the enamel of a tooth and sculpted to create a new smile, fix chips, remove decay and fill teeth, fix fractures, and close spaces. This procedure doesn’t require needles or tooth reduction. In most cases,...

How long does enamel bonding last?

Enamel bonding lasts five to ten years if not longer. We have cases that have lasted fifteen to twenty years. When the bonding needs to be redone, we simply take off all of the old bonding and are left with the original tooth to bond again. We don’t use any...

Does bonding damage the tooth?

Enamel bonding should not cause damage to the tooth enamel. The beauty of bonding is that you can put it on one day and take it off the next day or ten years from now and the tooth should be the same as it was before.

Can I eat anything with bonded teeth?

You can eat most anything with enamel bonded teeth. We always tell patients that they cannot chew on ice, tear tags off of new clothes, or bite their nails with bonded teeth or they may chip. You may also need a nightguard if you grind your teeth in your sleep because...

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