Special Field of Interest

Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease


American Academy of Periodontology
International Assoc. of Laser Dentistry
International Congress of Implantology
American Academy of Facial Esthetics


Graduated from Pennsylvania State University – B.S.
Graduated from the University of Maryland – P.D.S.
Received certificate in Periodontology from University of Maryland/Bethesda Naval Hospital

Hobbies/Personal Interests

Traveling, running, biking, playing guitar, sampling fine wines, trying to play golf, and mostly enjoying life with my kids, wife, family, and friends


I have been in full time clinical practice since 1993 and in my current King of Prussia location since 1997. I have lectured nationally on subjects including; Peri-Oral Plastic Surgery, Dental Facial Esthetics, Chronic Inflammatory Disorders and Laser Periodontal Therapy. My additional area of focus is Facial Esthetics, and I’m currently one of the only periodontists in the country to be certified in minimally invasive cosmetic treatment procedures. I have lectured on Concepts and Techniques in Facial Esthetics. The combination of Periodontics and Facial Esthetics gives me the unique advantage of providing patients with a truly comprehensive smile and facial appearance.

What I love Most About My Job

What I love most about my job is my ability to transform someone who has suffered from horrible dental disease, who is ashamed of their condition, who is unable to eat well, and has their self-esteem effected into someone who feels more youthful, complete, healthier and able to express joy through a beautiful smile. That is my greatest reward!

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